Senior Brings Goat Company Into School


Senior Sam Singleton has brought his family business into the halls of CP.

Emilee Guernsey , Editor-in-chief

One of Cedar Park’s seniors, Sam Singleton, brought his family business to the school. The company is known as You Goat Mail, a site that allows people to send anyone an anonymous plush goat with a handwritten message.

“It’s the perfect surprise for a friend, graduate, spouse or co-worker,” Singleton said.

According to Singleton, the company is fun and creative and with the popularity of goats, the company idea seemed like a good idea.

“My brother saw the potential in this idea with goats being very popular these days as well as gift giving,” Singleton said. “It also allowed for a clever company name.”

Singleton’s brother, Parker Singleton, offered him a job as an illustrator for the coloring books that the company was going to come out with, entitled “We’ve Goat a Problem.”

“I drew the illustrations for for the coloring book,” Singleton said. “My brother told me he’s always seen me as a very creative and artistic person, so I accepted the offer and started drawing.”

Having created all of the pictures in the book, Singleton now is able to see the final product, and has been handing out the books at school.

“I really enjoyed the process of creating it,” Singleton said. “It’s always cool to read all of the feedback we receive from people on blogs and social media.”

The coloring books could be seen in most students hands throughout the halls. As Singleton passed them out, he was also promoting the company.

“I looked at the school as a good place to start,” Singleton said. “A lot of people at school were asking me about it.”