She Yells, She Flies, She Tumbles

Madi Carley

With cheer slowing down due to football season ending, freshman Raye Affotler has had some time to get involved in competition cheer.

Affolter started gymnastics when she was four years old.  She began at Actrotex then switched to Austin Cheer Factory. Currently Affolter is on level four at ACF and competes every weekend. Competition cheer began Jan. 19 and is coming to an end in three weeks.  Affolter’s team has won first place in all of the four competitions she has competed in.

“I decided to do comp cheer so that I can advance more in my tumbling,” Affolter said.

Affolter practices two times a week for two hours, goes to two open gyms a week and does private lessons on the weekend.

“Practice is my favorite thing about cheer,” Affolter said. “I can just forget about school and have fun and do what I love with my friends.”

Affolter is also on the freshman squad for Cedar Park.

“Comp cheer is much more demanding and a lot of effort, but high school cheer is also hard,” Affolter said.

Although Affolter is already at an advanced level, she keeps practicing to continue improving.

“What really motivates me to practice is to be on level five next year,” Affolter said. “I just keep trying to get better and better.”

Affolter has a future in cheer ahead of her judging that she is at such a high level already as only a freshman.

“I would like to cheer in college and also to work for UCA or NCA,” Affotler said.

Cheer is a huge commitment, a lot of hard work and practice, but Affolter makes it look easy. She spends most of her time practicing and improving her talents.

“Cheer gives me the best feeling in the world,” Affolter said. “I love being at the gym five days a week, I just love it so much.”