Students Balance Jobs With Summer Plans


Macy Loyd

A popular workplace for Cedar Park students.

Carlie Morgan, Reporter

With summer fast approaching students are starting to think about their plans for the break. Amid music festivals and beach trips, some students have decided to add a summer job to their schedule. From earning some extra cash to simply having something to do, the students of CP have a number of reasons for looking for a job this summer.

Some seniors see a summer job as a way to ease some of the financial stress of college. With the threat of being on their own so close at hand, many seniors have started saving whatever funds they can.

“I’m working at Topgolf this summer,” senior Deirdre Wolf said. “I’ve got to start saving for college because I’m paying for myself and I’d like to not starve to death. The money I make now will help in the long run.”

Other students have different thoughts about a summer job. While senior Erin Ryan is still preparing for her future, her summer plans involve a job worth more than just money, one that will help her in a different way.

“I’m doing an internship at this wildlife refuge,” Ryan said. “Because I want to work with wild animals to see if I want to do that for a living.”

Some students don’t plan on a having a job at all this summer and, instead, are devoting their time to enjoying this much-needed break from school. After a full year of tests and quizzes, the break provides a necessary reprieve for students and some plan to live it to the fullest without a job to stress over.

“I”m not having a job this summer so that way I can spend time relaxing before the stressful years of college,” senior Gabe Villarreal said.

No matter what they’re doing this summer, the students of Cedar Park are looking forward to it and the lack of stress it promises.

“I think summer is just a really great time,” Wolf said. “You get to spend time with friends and do things you want to do without having to worry about any assignments. You can spend your time just chilling or doing things to help you in the future.”