Students deal with stress

Zoe Roush and Ashley Hughes

     It seems like there are so many things these days to stress over. High School is hard, there’s no doubt about that, but one needs to relax once in a while. Whether it be taking power naps or just plain enjoying the company of friends, there is always a way to relax. For many students at Cedar Park, high school is extremely stressful and many forget that learning to relax is the key to living a happy life.

     Taking a nap when you’re feeling a little stressed can help tremendously.  Most students stay up after midnight trying to cram for that upcoming test and by doing this they are losing important sleep. For busy students, the power nap is a must. It helps catch up on lost sleep. Many students lack sleep because of last minute homework or social events with friends. They don’t realize the importance of sleep and how much it benefits the body.

     “I take a nap sometimes when I am tired and had a tough week, it helps me to not be so stressed,” Alex Barouxis, junior, said.

     Exercising is another great way to relax. Working out just a little everyday can greatly improve a stressed-out lifestyle. Working out releases endorphins in the body, these endorphins make people happy.

     “I enjoy going for a run, it helps my body relieve the stress,” Noel Buttery, sophomore.

     Having too much to do is one of the most common reasons for stress these days, but by taking a quiet day, a day where relaxation is key, the body forgets about the stress and rests for a while.  Quiet days may consist of various activities, depending on the individual.

     “I play Call of Duty to help out with stress. It chills me out,” Baker Roush, sophomore, said.

     Just talking with friends is also a good way to rid of stress. It’s a way to have fun and not worry so much about the future. A lot of the time, just discussing problems helps the situation become less of a problem.

      “I talk to my twin sister to let my anger and stress out. It really helps me,” Christine Bunton, senior, said.

     Scientists have proven that laughing is one of the top ways to relief stress. Those who laugh often have a greater chance of being stress free. Laughing provides a physical and emotional release from stress, it’s a fact.

     “When I am really stressed I talk to me friends. I love them and they make me laugh, and laughing is a way to avoid stressing out too much,” Lizzy Reveile, senior, said.

     Some people listen to music to relieve the stress from life. Music can be used at anytime during the day, so it is a quick and easy way to relieve stress. Many find increased enjoyment from music and, therefore, reducing the amount of stress.

      “I would definitely say that music helps me relieve my daily stress,” Albie Valicenti, junior, said.

     Playing instruments or creating your own music is another way to lower the stress levels. Just as people enjoy listening to music, many achieve the same satisfaction by making it.

     “I play the piano. Playing the piano helps me take my mind off of school and work, and it makes me less stressed,” Noelle Buttery, sophomore, said.

     Often times, people find themselves getting lost in a good book or a great movie is a great way to relieve stress because it is a way to escape reality for a few hours. Giving the mind a break every once in a while is sometimes necessary, so daydreaming can be a good thing if used in the right way. While daydreaming is a good tool for relieving stress, it can also cause stress. During class daydreaming can cause more stress. However, when not doing anything, it can be a great way to escape reality and come back to reality rejuvenated. Daydreaming can consist of playing mindless video games, watching TV or even reading a good book.

     “I read a book when I am feeling stressed. I look for mystery books when reading – I find them fascinating,” Terrance Wilson, sophomore, said.

      Positive thinking is the hardest, yet an extremely effective way to relieve stress.  It’s hard to have self-confidence and be positive, but it’s important. Optimists have a better chance of experiencing better circumstances than others because they picture themselves having a good experience.

     Without relaxation, life would be a hectic mess. It’s important to take time out of each day to relax the mind and body. Success cannot be achieved in life without a healthy mind, body and spirit. Each student in high school goes through their daily stresses, but learning to balance it out is part of becoming a happier person.