Sweater Weather

Beth Rozackey

     The roaring winds of winter signal an exciting change. Upon these lofty breezes float the chilly air and gentle snowflakes so synonymous with the season (provided they don’t turn into ice and slush along the way). Happy memories of family gatherings and holidays begin their annual manifestations in the minds of folks everywhere. The heat of summer slowly evaporates as cool, dry air begins to pick up. The chill in the air has indubitably triggered a warming of the heart, as the season of sweater weather rolls in.         

     Sweater weather, of course, refers to the time of year when the temperatures outside become fantastically frosty. This magical time is unfortunately short in the central Texas area, but its brief appearance only serves to heighten the enjoyment found in the wonderfully cool weeks of winter.  Because of the celebrated drop in temperature, summer clothes must be packed away into dark closets until next year; in order to make way for a torrent of wool, twill and heavy cotton. Shorts and flip-flops are abandoned in favor of cozy jackets and matching scarf & glove sets. Closed-toe shoes and warm knit caps are dusted off and dragged from the recesses of wardrobes and storage boxes. A welcome change in fashion is due to occur. Now is the time for the oversized comfort and warmth, found only in the folds of your favorite sweater.

     The traditions of cool-climate living should also be observed during sweater weather season.  As such, the dark elements must be observed along with the light. Prepare yourself for a deluge of holiday programming and commercials on your TV that will try to capitalize on your happy holidays.  Beware of the Ugg boots that will somehow become fashionable again after they faded back to their well-deserved obscurity last season , and try to avert you gaze from the gaudy front-yard displays of holiday revelry (if it’s before Thanksgiving, it’s just to early). However, don’t let these egregious travesties against the spirit of the season get you down, because sweater weather is a time of celebration and fleecy goodness.

     I’m definitely going to enjoy this weather while it lasts. I’m finally able to break out my favorite hot chocolate, cuddle up in front of my preferred roaring fireplace, turn on the heater in my house, and make a batch of amazingly aromatic cookies. Now that the temperature has officially dropped out of the red, you’ll know where to find me.