TED talks makes its way to Westlake

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter

[email protected] is an independent organization that works toward inspiring the youth, according to the [email protected] website. This upcoming year, 2015, [email protected] is bringing TED talks to Westlake High School and everyone is invited.

“I am so excited for the event this year,” team member/ambassador sophomore Nika Torabi said. “I went to the event last year and realized that it’s different from normal TED talks in that the presentations are geared toward people from our generation so they tend to be more fun and exciting to listen to, and it’s something that we (teens) can relate to. This year going to be amazing year and I love the theme that we have to go along with the event, and I am so lucky to be a part of that.”

Each year [email protected] have different ideas and concepts that incorporate into the theme. Last year the theme for the event was Re:Solve, which talked about different ways people could resolve certain concepts that are in our world today. This year the theme is (in)visible.

“The theme (in)visible is based on the concept of leaders being either in the background of upfront,” Torabi said. “When you actually think about it, it’s such an unusual concept because you really look at it from a bigger picture. Should leaders be invisible/in the background, or should they be upfront and taking control with the world watching them.”

Along with Torabi’s perception of the theme, the website says the theme of (in)visible also adjoins to idea of delving into ideas that are unknown to people and philosophies that have not yet been thought up.

“I think TEDxYouth is an amazing organization that anyone should attend if they have the ability to do so,” Torabi said. “It’s something that can change your life or your outlook and perception in life can change.”

The event will take place at Westlake high school on Feb. 14, however the deadline to register  is Dec. 31. According to Torabi, the way to sign up for the event is simple. You go to the website: http://tedxyouthaustin.com/ and click register and you simply fill out a form. While the speakers are not allowed to be revealed, according to the Torabi the talks are undoubtedly going to surprise. Plus registration is free and is open to anyone in any of the high schools around Austin.