Penguin National Guard Dives Back Into Action

Students Start Up Penguin National Guard Once Again


Photo courtesy of Nicholas Coers

Junior Ethan Parks entertains the audience during the Penguin National Guard’s improv show on February 27.

Kieren Garner, Reporter

PNG, also known as the Penguin National Guard, is a mash of colorful creativity along with quick thinking and sharp wit. This past December, students decided to bring the improv group back after it fell through last year.

“We really wanted to start it back up again because it’s a tradition, PNG has been around for 10 plus years, and it’s even mentioned in the ‘This is Cedar Park’ song,” senior Corbin Hopkins said. “It’s a great part of the school’s history and we didn’t want to watch it die and go away forever.”

Hopkins said that actually starting the club in the very middle of the year was difficult to do with all of the work it required.

“We have to finalize ourselves as a club even though this club requires auditions and commitment to get fundraiser papers,” Hopkins said. “We want to have the option to just donate whatever pocket money you want at every show, and that money will either go to the theatre department or to different charities we want to do shows for.”

While some students only see being funny as part of the club, Hopkins said that that isn’t completely what it is about.

“Improv isn’t just about being funny,” Hopkins said. “It’s about learning how to make a short story and keep people interested. Although, learning to be properly funny is a great skill to have, as so many don’t realize that it takes hard work to make people laugh.”

Senior Olivia Cantrell said that for her, PNG is a way for her and her friends to have fun, be creative and make people laugh, but that it also requires skill.

“Acting is not always easy,” Cantrell said. “You have to improvise. It strengthens your improv skills, which is just theatre speak for ‘thinking on your feet.’ You are also forced to work on a team so it definitely helps teamwork skills.”

Cantrell, who helped revive the club with Hopkins this year, said she loves PNG and was excited to start it up again.

“Corbin and I always loved going to PNG shows when we were in middle school, and when it disbanded we were both upset,” Cantrell said. “We decided we wanted to bring it back.”

With a crowd that fills theatre’s black box during their shows, Cantrell said that her favorite thing about the club is the community that it brings along with it.

“We are all different people with different strengths and weaknesses,” Cantrell said. “But together, we have so much fun.”

Their next show is on April 1 in the black box and is to start at 5:30 p.m. sharp. For updates on PNG’s shows and future dates, click here to visit their Twitter