Theatre places alternate to Area

Meital Abraham, Reporter

The UIL theatre team recently performed a one act play at Dripping Springs and then at Vista Ridge. The team received high marks from the judges and placed alternate to Area. The play performed was called Taking Leave, a family-oriented that follows the story of Eliot, a well educated professor who develops Alzheimer’s performed by senior Christopher Washington.

“The role of Eliot was very challenging to play,” Washington said. “I felt very proud of how far I’d come by the end of the last performance.”

Teams have seven minutes to set up their sets, and a “tech hour” to program special effects, practice lighting and sound cues. The cast was made up of six actors, and the crew had five technicians. The team had to set up ten bookcases in preparation for the play. After competition, each team receives a critique from one of three judges, who look for talented actors, great technical execution and creativity from the directors.

The production wouldn’t have been put on in record time without the help of biology teacher Adam Babich.

“Thank goodness we had Babich to help,” senior Leonor Martins, who played Cordelia, said. “Setting up all the set pieces was such a struggle, I don’t think we could’ve done it without him.”

Washington played the lead role and was very optimistic about the play’s outcome.

“I believe the performance went fantastically and I wouldn’t have changed a thing,” Washington said. “The performance was a drama, and lasted about 40 minutes. I think the play went really well considering we rehearsed for two and a half months prior to competition.”

Competing for the first time was crewman and freshman Jackson Hearne, who was in charge of setting up special lights.

“We touched many hearts with our play, people definitely wanted to see more of it,” Hearne said. “I love how we’re all hard working and dedicated to the performances, the competitions are serious, so the only thing we really need to work on is our concentration. My expectations for next year are to go all the way to state.”

Martins prepared for the play by connecting to Cordelia.

“Cordelia is the free spirit and rebel of the play,” Martins said. “The thing I enjoyed most about my role was that people were able to connect with Cordelia despite her flaws. My character made some bad decisions in her life, but overall she had the biggest heart out of all the characters. I love being able to portray a story that grasps the audience while educating them on the struggles faced in society.”

Currently, the team is working on a play called The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl that will be performed June 2-3.

“The play will be directed by Washington,” Martins said. “I’m excited to perform this play and see the outcome of it, considering I’ll have to memorize lines in Portuguese.”