Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Ashley Hughes and Sam Kuykendall



        The main problem with Valentine’s Day is the gift selection process, especially when it is exceptionally easy to fall into the black hole of cliché gifts advertised everywhere. The gifts for girls generally include the typical flower bouquet, the heart shaped chocolate and the candy hearts with the love messages on them. Boy’s rarely get anything besides cologne. The simplest way to fix the cliché gift problem may be easier than previously believed to be. There are plenty of shops, which only exist in Austin, that offer original, one-of-a-kind items.

1020 Glass Art and Gifts and is located in Barton Creek Square Mall. This non-chain store specializes in hand blown glass. A great gift idea for your girlfriend is a vase from this store. Simply buy her favorite flowers and put them in one of these beautifully handcrafted vases. The flowers will eventually wilt, but she can keep the vase forever.  

Waterloo Records is a record and video shop located on 600A North Lamar. They sell all kinds of CD’s, but what makes it unique is that they have lots of music from local artists that can only be purchased there. Music can be a great gift for both boys and girls. You may end up discovering an excellent local band or artist and have an excuse to take your loved one to a concert at a local venue you would never have gone to otherwise.  

Lammes Candies is located in nine places in Austin. This shop is famous for its “Texas Chewy” Pecan Pralines, but the “Longhorns” has recently been a bestseller. However, the popular “Peppermint Kisses” would definitely be an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift. These are all great gifts for boyfriends or girlfriends. Lammes will even gift wrap you selection in free seasonal wrapping paper. 

Sue Patrick has been a family owned Austin specialty store since 1975. Located at 5222 Burnet Road, Sue Patrick is officially licensed for University of Texas ladies apparel. It has other excellent gift ideas too; shirts, shoes, jackets and jewelry, all can have some sort of University of Texas feel. Ties in particular have a wide variety of longhorn selection. In case your loved one isn’t too crazy about UT, they have an assortment of regular items as well.

You can always treat your loved one to dinner at The Salt Lick, located in four locations in Austin. This local barbeque restaurant has been opened since 1969.  You can also get gift cards there. Who knows, it could very likely be you that your boy or girlfriend may choose to splurge his or her card on!