What’s up during Spring Break?

Lizzy Lamm

For the average student, spring break is for hanging out with your friends, catching up on homework, or crashing on the couch for a “Doctor Who” marathon. Even though some people’s breaks might only include some extra sleep time, it can be pretty busy for some students and teachers.

Freshman Maria Leuzinger is taking a trip to New York City with her family.

“We’re going to go see Wicked on Broadway,” Leuzinger said. “And we are going to visit museums and go cycling in Central Park.”

Some other endeavors of students include camping, going to the beach, and even getting their permits or driver’s license.

Freshman Madeline Williams is traveling to Miami for a few days to visit her dad.

“I’m going to hang out with my dad and we might even go to Disney World,” Williams said.

Some are staying in town in order to practice their sports or fine arts. Sophomore Paige Parks is going to softball practices and games. Freshman Tiffany Klopper is staying in town for a couple days before her trip to go to her rising star dance practices.

Whether you’re traveling, practicing a sport, or just hanging out with friends, spring break is a time to kick back, and let the stress of school slip away for a week. And who doesn’t like that?