National Technical Honor Society


National Technical Honor Society


Cheri Whalen 

Purpose of Club:

To share passion and knowledge of computer science, engineering and robotics and provide exposure to potential STEM pursuers by going to field trips to tech companies(Intel/Apple) and exploring their technical department.

Who may be interested in joining?

Anyone in computer science or engineering classes, robotics or advanced STEM classes
Club Events:
Field trip to Intel or Apple. Date TBD
$30 dues (one-time due for all 4 yrs)
Whalen’s room during den on every other Wednesday in Whalen’s room. 
 President and leadership members:
President: Kate Lee
Officers: Brandon Vu, Layla Ismail, Zarina Karadimce and Shivesh Razdan
Quote from the president: 
“NTHS is a club and a community where you can not only meet people of the same interests as you but also interact with those involved in other STEM/Technical areas,” Lee said. “Through this interaction, we are able to explore and learn more about how and where technology is used in real life and participate in the effort of developing and shaping our future.”
Remind: Text @nths1320 to 81010