Speech and Debate


Speech and Debate

Purpose of the club:

To enrich and educate students about public speaking and debate.

Who may be interested in joining this club?

Anyone who enjoys theatre, politics, public speaking or anything similar.

Club’s Events:

Speech and Debate participates in many competitions. Students can come by Ms. Azbill’s room to get more information, or contact the president.


Be enrolled in the public speaking/debate class, or contact the president (Olivia Cantrell) or sponsor (Ms. Azbill) about other opportunities.


When- Every third Friday of the month

Where- Ms. Azbill’s room

Quote from the President:

“[Speech and Debate] changes lives, forms a community, and can help with so many other necessary life skills. There is something for every type of person, it’s not just arguing. You can tell a heartwarming story, speak on an issue that’s important to you, talk about the important issues concerning society, or become a mock congressman,” senior Olivia Cantrell said.

Senior Olivia Cantrell is the president of Speech and Debate.

Instagram: @cpspeechdebate