Arrive Alive steers into Cedar Park

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter

Numerous schools and organizations around the country are advocating strongly to eradicate drunk driving. Through unique presentations and quirky lectures, students can almost always expect something different from each drunk driving lecture. This year, the Arrive Alive Tour is coming to Cedar Park High School on Oct. 16.

Arrive Alive focuses on the implications of texting while driving and drinking while driving.  On Friday AA will provide a simulated driving experience with goggles that will distort the participant’s vision, making it seem like one is in a car while driving drunk. There will be a passenger view showing all the students waiting what it is like being in the passenger seat of the simulated vehicle.

The presentation is geared at juniors, and they will be attending throughout the day, however, if students of other grades would like to participate, they can come at the end of the school day.

8:42 – 9:25 – Collins and Rose

9:25 – 10:03 – Hexter and King

10:08 – 10:50 – Zander and Hexter

10:50 – 11:33- King and Gawriluck

11:38 – 12:18 – Rose and Zander

12:18- 1:00-  Hexter and Serna

1:00 – 1:48 – Montoya and Trueblood

1:53 – 2:35- Serna and Trueblood

2:35- 3:15 – Babich and Lippe

3:45 – 4:15-  Open to all students who wish to participate

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