Students Offer Tips to Battle Allergy Season

The Wolfcast

Cheryl Cruz, CPHS News Reporter

With cedar at an all time high making allergies worse than ever, many of the CPHS students are looking for relief.

More than 30 million people around the world, and over 30% of the population suffer from pollen related allergies. Cedar pollen has always peaked in the first few weeks of January but the increased levels this year caught many students off guard.

Student Mia Allen talked about her experience with allergies and how she deals with them.

“It just makes your throat all scratchy and your nose gets itchy,” said Allen. “You can’t stop it and it sucks real bad.”

Fortunately, several students offered their own advice on how they deal with the season.

“I usually just walk around with a box of tissues and try to stay inside,” senior Laura Neu said. “I become a hermit in my own house and try not to go near things that have pollen.”

“I take allergy pills every day and nasal spray twice a day,” junior Ashley Jensen said. “Sometimes if the sinuses get too bad, I’ll take regular over the counter pain medications to stop it.”

 “I use saline spray, I have to take medicine and cough drops really help.” added sophomore Khalia Koyutak.

Junior Cassidy Pena recommends honey and lemon tea or gargling salt water.

“Be careful not to mix any medications that aren’t supposed to be mixed. Drink a lot of water and it’ll help with the mucus build up” said Pena.