StuCo Candy Grams On Sale February 1st

Brandon Hardiman

Student Council has been hard at work recently working on a Valentine’s candy grams fundraiser.

They will be selling KitKats, Hershey Bars, Skittles, Snickers and other candy for a dollar in the cafeteria from Feb. 1-3. On the candy, there will be a note attached with a message that will be delivered to the recipient.

“[The candy grams] will have a little note attached where you can write who it’s to, their second period class, and just any sweet note you have to tell them that you care about them” Student Council treasurer Hannah Loera said. “[It’s] just kind of a sweet, encouraging thing to tell them for Valentine’s Day.”

“The candy grams fundraiser is going to be really helpful for us to raise money for other campus wide activities and other fundraisers for our school and community” Student Council member Callie Copeland said.

The candy grams are delivered during second period on Valentine’s Day.