The return of Grissom

Zachary Szabo

Many teachers have come and gone at Cedar Park, with some of them going for unique opportunities. Mr. Grissom was a teacher at CPHS for ten years before having to take a year away due to his own opportunity offered to him, but he has returned and is teaching once again.

During his year away, Grissom was out of state and teaching in Hawaii. After his time there, he needed to find teaching opportunities elsewhere. Mr. Grissom tells us what brought him back to Cedar Park.

“I didn’t leave Cedar Park with any negativity at all” said Grissom. “I’ve always enjoyed the student body. I’ve always enjoyed the entire atmosphere, so I left because I had an experience that was unique and you can’t really live in fear of change. Sometimes you got to try new things. I tried my new thing, and then I chose to come back. I’ve always had a great respect for Cedar Park.”

Despite having been here before, Mr. Grissom expresses that he is eager to see somethings this upcoming school year.

“I’m looking forward to being back with all of my co-workers and honestly the entire student body of Cedar Park,” Grissom said. “I know a lot of the upperclassmen very well and they provide a lot of joy to my life, and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow up and graduate.”