Where Is The Wolfmart?

Mandi Bosse, Digital Content Manager

DECA and The Wolfmart have revealed that they hope to reopen The Wolfmart by next year.


Students who are sophomores and older may remember a stand called The Wolfmart that was open during lunches. The store sold cookies, snacks drinks and school supplies and other items to students that were not available in the cafeteria.


Due to food restrictions and lack of income, The Wolfmart has yet to open it’s window this year, but representatives from The Wolfmart say that the store is not gone for good.


“We couldn’t sell ramen, and people didn’t like the new cookie formula, so were loosing profit.” senior Brittany Ballou said, “The Wolfmart isn’t dead, it’s just kind of on pause right now”.


Mrs. Stapleton says that they are working on ways to get the store running again.


“If students have something that they are interested in us [selling] there, or a food product that fits the nutrition guidelines, then that’s something we can consider” Mrs. Stapleton said.