Top 3 2016 Summer Movies

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter

2016 is set to be an amazing year of movies. The year already kicked off the year with “Deadpool,” “Captain America,” etc. and as the world starts to heat up and school bells ring indicating the end of the year, it’s finally time for students to make time to watch the big screen. Here are some movies set to play in the summer of 2016.



Me Before You

June 3


Another book to movie adaptation, Louisa “Lou” Clark a 26-year-old woman goes from one job to the next to make ends meet. Her newest job however, is to be a caregiver and companion to Will Traynor (Claflin) who is a wealthy young banker who became wheelchair bound two years before because of an accident. Traynor’s normal outlook on life has been warped and changed to be cynical. The question is, will Lou and Will get more than just an employee/employer relationship, and will they love each other enough to make this work?


Now You See Me 2

June 10

The sequel to the successful movie “Now You See Me,” the Four Horsemen [Jess Eisenberg playing J. Daniel Atlas, Dave Franco playing Jack Wilder, Mark Ruffalo playing Dylan Rhodes and Woody Harrelson playing Merritt McKinney] resurface in “Now You See Me 2.” Coming together to clear their names and expose the unethical practices of a tech magazine. Bringing back characters such as Michael Caine and Arthur Tressler and Morgan Freeman playing Thaddeus Bradley and introducing new characters such as Daniel Radcliffe playing Walter and Jay Chou playing Li. “Now You See Me 2” is set to top to the charts.


Finding Dory

June 17


“Finding Nemo” was one of the best movies Pixar ever created as it went on to win many awards including an Oscar. The movie also gets recognized by the keen voice of Ellen DeGeneres for Dory. “Finding Nemo” took us on an adventure for a lifetime while teaching to always remember that our parents only want to protect us, and one day they might not be there to. Talks about a sequel to the epic film have been surfacing for quite some time, and this year all those rumors are coming true. “Finding Dory” takes on us an adventure with Dory, who has short term memory loss, to try and find her family. Definitely one of the most talked about and awaited movies for 2016.