A letter from the editors

     After countless class periods, more than fifteen worknights and hundred of extra hours put into each of the six issues of the Wolfpack , this year has finally come to an end. The year was filled with many challenges, good memories and trips to Firehouse.

     We started the year as first year staff members, and did not know what to expect. We all quickly fell in love with newspaper and what came with it. The 2008-2009 editors were awesome, and inspired us to take the reigns and carry on their legacy of greatness with our own creative impulses and new ideas. They let us grow as writers, designers and photographers as we made our first attempts at being “real live journalists.” They let us try, they let us fail, but more importantly they let us grow into the people we are today; ready and willing to lead a team of bright-eyed newcomers. For that we thank them, as well as all the other senior members of this paper.

     Goodbye seniors, we will miss you dearly

     This year we were able to bring back some of our favorite features of the Wolfpack. The Photo Polls and In The Ring columns returned with fantastic success and gave us the confidence to expand our journalistic horizons. The creation of the new Wolfpack website introduced our writing to the globe (via World-Wide Web) and our staff to the joys of website design. As we look to the future we plan to expand our sports department next year to provide more coverage of sporting events in our paper as well as updated sports scores on our website. More than anything, we want to continue pushing the standards we’ve set this year in writing, design and leadership.

     As the reigns are being handed over to us we’ve begun to realize the immense responsibility we are taking on. We’ve experienced numerous false starts and do-over’s in this, our first solo issue, as we tried to spread our wings.  Through it all, we’ve made something we are proud to stand behind and say “Hey, I made that!” There has been no shortage of lost sleep, tears and harsh words said in the process of making this May issue, but we feel that it has been worth every minute of it. As journalists we delight in bending over backward so that others may enjoy our articles and news stories and revel in the high stress environment of looming deadlines. We may be neurotic perfectionists but it’s just the way we are, and we’re all secretly a little proud of that fact.