A letter from the editors

It’s almost over. There are just a few more weeks left in 2008, a year marked by a variety of events and changes to come. As America’s first African-American President prepares to take office and implement some changes, The Wolfpack is implementing its own brand of changes.

As you, hopefully, noticed, our design managers, Sam Kuykendall and Ashton Townsend worked tirelessly to develop a new, more modern masthead and cover page design. This is the new page that will be the face of The Wolfpack for all future editions. Also, each page has a new set up with cooler graphics and a cleaner display. But, the design isn’t the only thing changing in newspaper.

The New Year is a time to stop and evaluate one’s self and to find ways to improve one’s self throughout the next year. Just as everyone writes resolutions for themselves, we, the editorial staff, will sit down and determine how to better our newspaper. As the year 2009 comes around, the Editors have to step back, to let go of their baby and put the well-being of the paper into the hands of her future leadership. Come February 13, when our next issue will be published, we will have assigned section managers to take over the story and design development of The Wolfpack. The Editors will still help, of course, and manage the paper, but we hope that, with these new leaders, new resolutions will come to better the paper and make it stronger. One day, the staff will grow and improve to the point where they won’t need us anymore. We can’t wait until that day comes.

So, until next time,

Happy Holidays from The Wolfpack Editorial Staff!

Amy Oakes

Tristan Boyd

Marissa Caputo

Monica Penn