(Almost) everybody does the T-wolf Rumble

Savannah Burchfiel

Friday nights in the fall, students in Texas suffer from hoarse voices and lack of sleep. With football playing such a main role in the lives of Texans, you would expect to hear rolling thunder from the stands when the varsity team rolls out.

Some students have taken charge and lead the stands in showering our teams with spirit. Crowd pleasers such as the Rollercoaster, T-wolf Rumble, and various chants and cheers put the crowd in good spirits, raising support for the team.

“We’re loud and proud,” junior Kourtney Ramsey said. “I love how the seniors followed last year’s seniors by doing the Rollercoaster.”

Seniors agree that keeping school traditions is essential to making happy fans and a happy team.

“We kept the traditions going, maybe even more so than last year,” senior Kesha Broadway said. “We’re closer together. The seniors just do it better.”

However, various anonymous students have suggested that some need to pick up the responsibility of screaming and shouting at games.

Freshmen themselves self-proclaim that there is room for improvement. Whether out of lack of pride in their team or self-consciousness for cheering for them, they stand calmly through touchdowns and interceptions.

“It’s the freshmen’s fault,” freshman Chelsey Hieger said. “Not everybody gets into it. We could use more spirit.”

Hieger’s group of friends agrees and claims that the problem lies in many places, one of which includes coordinating chants.

“When we try to cheer, the chants are uncoordinated and messy,” freshman Harley Canales said.

What is the remedy for the quiet, messy spots in stands? Our football team has pulled through, considering they are undefeated in district play. Our cheerleaders provide pep to raise spirits. Our band blasts the alma-mater and “Metalshop”.

Sophomores Jasmine Owen, Taylor Ramos, and Katie Hawk agree that the fans could be doing better both during the week and at games.

“When t-shirts are sold during the week, the fans go all out,” Owen said. “But when we have themed spirit days, I’m disappointed that nobody does it.”

The state of the stands lands solely in the hands of the fans.

At the rainy Crosstown Showdown game, fans faithfully sang “Metalshop” when the band could not perform due to the weather. A different atmosphere encompassed the stands with students coming together to proudly support their fellow T-wolves.

“At certain games, we show extra spirit,” Broadway said. “It’s always great to see all fans getting closer.”

Students of Cedar Park High, it’s time to embrace the Saturday morning sore throats that come as a side effect of that extra boost of spirit.