Ashley Hughes Senior Column

Ashley Hughes

     Hoping it was slightly better than middle school, I entered this strange new place as a freshman. High school seemed to hold all kinds of new opportunities. I would have more elective choices, more freedom, and eventually be able to do all kinds of fun things like drive a car.

     It was significantly better than junior high, but then again, how could it be much worse? Middle school is the most disgusting, cliquey and useless time of our lives. I personally think we should freeze middle school aged kids and thaw them out when they are mature enough for high school. Freshman year was the first year that I felt challenged in school. I struggled in math, had a blast in Biology with my amazing lab partners, excelled in English and History and explored journalism.

     Going back to school to begin sophomore year was something I actually did not dread. I was looking forward to my sixteenth birthday in September, I wanted to drive a car, I was excited that I was a new member of The Wolfpack and Celebrities, and I was super pumped to take creative writing, my soon to be all time favorite class.  I got my beautiful Miata for my birthday, I went to Homecoming, and things were looking up. Also, this was by far the easiest year for school work.

     How could junior year be so different? Things that were good in my life in small doses became amazing in larger doses and things that were a little bad got a lot worse. The school work was overwhelming. Even when it wasn’t difficult, it was extremely superfluous. My life was an array of fireworks, shooting off in every direction. There was Celebrities, my school work, my studio dance classes, newspaper, homework, youth group, family, friends, studying, college visits and important career decisions,  hundreds of hours spent in math tutorials with Mr. Conner so I could make my A’s, and I tried my best to squeeze sleep into the equation. I experienced catty girls, loser boys, drama, and stress to the max. I also had wonderful times like Prom, Celebrity banquet, and countless hours with really good friends.    

     Senior year, what can I say about you? Well quite honestly, I’ve been checked out of school since Friday of the very first week of school when I got my acceptance letter to University of Missouri. Sometimes it takes all of my strength to drag myself to class every day. The sad part is, I have two off periods. I endured senior project, I turned eighteen, I made it through the first semester, and I am currently trying to make it through this last one.

     Celebrities was something that made me continue to want to come to school. Football season was always fun and I loved performing at the games and pep rallies. Junior year we all went to California and experienced Disney Land together and this year we had the opportunity to dance at the Cotton Bowl! From contest to line camp, we all stuck it out because “what does not kill us makes us hotter”. Spring Show is where we all really shine, and this last Spring Show was something I will never forget. I love the team, and am thankful for every single one of my sisters!

     Here’s some advice: Get involved in something that makes you want to go to school, take Austin Community College classes while they’re free, worry about your grades and apply to colleges the summer before your senior year. Have fun, and don’t hang out with people who don’t make you happy.

     Overcoming the years spent at high school can be tough at times. Freshman year is culture shock and junior year is a massive amount of work. Senior year is the easiest of them all, but senioritis makes people fall into various stages of coasting through school, procrastination and lack of motivation.

     Oh the relief, my senior year is coming to a close. I’ll miss my friends, some of my teachers, newspaper, the Celebrities, and hearing the music play through the hallways. I thank my family, my friends, my teachers and God for getting me through this high school jungle gym. “So long, farewell, aufwiedersehn, goodbye.”It’s been an interesting experience, but “I’m glad to go, I cannot tell a lie.”

Love, Ashley Hughes XOXO