Babich crowned Slang Bee king

Miranda Campbell

After the last few slang words had been uttered, the winner was surprising. Anatomy teacher Mr. Adam Babich won out overall. In a gritty and rigorous competition between some well-known teachers like Mr. Carlos Montoya and Ms. Michelle Iskra, Slang Bee continues to be a crowd pleaser.

After talking with the winner, many would have wished he had lost.

“I had planned in my head that when I was ejected from the competition, I was going to make a huge fall on stage,” Babich said.

It never came to this, however. As it turns out, Montoya did not brush up on his slang before the competition. Each time Babich missed a word, Montoya would follow in his foot-steps. This raised question of what was referred to as a “science alliance,” although Babich swore he had no intention of winning or cheating to do so.

Perhaps it was his calm and cool persona that led him to success. He showed no signs of nerves before or during the show.

“After teaching high school students, there is little that scares me,” Babich said.

As the first science teacher to win the Slang Bee, Babich is proud of his accomplishment. Perhaps next year we’ll see a rise of the English department again.

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