Blue Bell back on shelves


Freshman Arjun Sundaram holding one of the released flavors, Dutch Chocolate. #bluebellisback

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter

The heat beats down on her as she pulls up at her family grocery store with her checklist ringing in her head: “eggs, milk, cheese…” Ambling, she makes her way into the store. She glides isle from isle, till she heads for the freezer section. Her mouth drops. There, sitting behind the frosted glass doors, encased with ice, is her favorite ice cream. Blue Bell is back.

In May, almost all ice cream lovers had the biggest shock of a lifetime; Blue Bell ice cream was taken off of shelves for reevaluation. In the beginning of the year, they began the process of testing whether or not the ice cream was positive for Listeria according to CBSNews, who later confirmed that it was. Then, in April, the process began to remove all BB Ice Cream from grocery stores and warnings were sent out to any family possessing BB in their freezers. From then news articles surfaced all asking one question: How will Blue Bell survive this crash?

According to a USA TODAY Money article, fellow Texan Billionaire Sid Bass, who was ranked 324 on Forbes’s wealthiest people in America, invested in the company. The article then goes on to say that the boost in capitol will increase money lost with the recall and will help with production.

10 days ago, Blue Bell made its first appearance in some Texas and Alabama stores. Since then, the never ending twitter universe has been buzzing with #bluebellisback and  fans couldn’t be more excited according to USA TODAY. However, Blue Bell is originally only released 4 flavors: Dutch Chocolate, Homemade Vanilla, Cookies ‘n Cream, and The Great Divide for the time being. However on Sep. 2 the Blue Bell twitter has announced that they will also releasing Buttered Pecan. Though, only certain flavors might be found in certain stores. There is no word on whether or not other favorites will be released.

The road has been rocky for the Blue Bell Company, but fans hope that with the new capital, new main location and a new start, that things can only go up from here.