College is coming


Collyn Burke

As the deadline for college commitment quickly approaches, seniors prepare to take the next step.

Collyn Burke, Reporter

College. The word alone strikes fear into the hearts of many a teen. Is it the fear of rejection, that we could be deemed lesser than we held ourselves to be? Or that this is the first real decision we’ve had to make completely by ourselves? We are about to take the next great step in our lives, by ourselves.
There are a million and five things that go into picking a college, does it have the major you want to study? How good is their program? How far away is it from home? How far do you want to be from home? What kind of campus environment are you looking for? How much would it cost? With questions like these, it’s best to put together a game plan pre-application, figure out what you’re looking for so that when it comes time to choose you have the best options for yourself.

When it comes to college you have to become fearless, because chances are, you will at some point, be rejected. Rejection is a scary, albeit inevitable, thing we will have to face. The truly scary thing about the college rejection letter is that it feels like a rejection of one’s self. You put your entire person out, flayed in front of a committee, and they decide that you’re not good enough, and what is scarier at seventeen, when your whole life is beaming in front of you like the dawn, than being told that you are not good enough? With all the fear, anxiety and pressure surrounding college discussions it seems almost impossible to make a decision.
This is the next great chapter in our lives, and as much as we wish someone could choose for us, it is completely up to us. As much advice as we can collect, tips we can gather from the web, we have to make the decision. Will it be based on a feeling? The cost? A family legacy or friendly push? However it happens, you have to have faith. Maybe it wasn’t your first choice school, maybe you’ve always known you’d end up there, or maybe you surprised yourself, but no matter where you end you have to have faith in yourself, that wherever you go you will make the most and try your hardest.

Come this Sunday it will all be over, decisions must be made, commitments fulfilled. The time will come to be adult. The stress will fall away and the excitement can build up. The time has come, we’re moving on, growing up and I hope you’re all as excited as I am, good luck Cedar Park.