Countdown to graduation

Maddie Rabb

For the seniors of Cedar Park high school graduation is just around the corner. Slowly were shedding our cozy northface jackets and lettermans, and flip flops and short sleeve shirts are taking their place. Only a little over three short months are separating us from our diplomas and freedom, and on that thrillingly terrifying day in June it will be official.

For many the day of graduation became real at homecoming, for others it was becoming 4-A state champions and realizing that was the last football game we would ever attend as highschoolers. For some it was taking senior pictures, for a few it was senior project, for lots it was opening your very first acceptance letter to higher education, and for most of us it was trying on our caps and gowns.

 “When I tried on my cap and gown it finally became real,” senior Denesha Mays said. “Senioritis has officially set in for me.”

The silky green gowns signify more than just the end, even though we’ll all be wearing them when it comes. They also stand for new beginnings, and after we leave the cedar park center and stand outside snapping pictures with our families and crying our eyes out with our friends, we’ll leave as graduates and the rest of our lives will start.

 “I wasn’t there for the meeting about Graduation in the pack, so I went ahead and just ordered my cap and gown online,” senior Craig Weston said.

Representatives from Herff Jones were on campus Feb. 13 to take graduation orders, but if you missed this then don’t worry there’s still time. You can still mail in your order, or submit it online.