Death Race for Love – Juice WRLD


Graphic by Noah Hedges

Juice WRLD’s new album is top on the lists, and Noah Hedges is here to tell you why.

Noah Hedges, Reporter

Juice WRLD released a new hit album entitled Death Race for Love earlier this month on March 8. It features 22 songs and  reveals his search for love since his last release, entitled Goodbye & Good Riddance, released on May 23, 2018. Each song on this album describes him looking for love, as if he’s in a race with death to find it.

A thing that artists typically do is release some singles in between albums in order to make the listener expect an album of the same caliber. The artist will then release the album with the singles on the track list. Those songs in this album’s case were “Hear Me Calling” and “Robbery.”

The two singles that he released ended up being the songs that were listened to the most once the album dropped. According to Genius, these two songs alone have racked up 622,300 plays, and the album hasn’t even been out for a whole month. Goodbye & Good Riddance featured a lot of dynamic capability from Juice WRLD, but this time around on Death Race for Love, he expanded his vocal range along with his musical thoughts.

Other notable songs on the album are “Empty” with 232,900 plays and “Fast” with 123,900 plays. All of the songs on the album have over 20,000 plays after the first few weeks on the music slate. Empty and Fast are songs that have the same caliber as the two singles, but since they weren’t released before the rest of the album, like the singles, they don’t have as many plays. They are two very solid songs that go in detail about Juice WRLD’s “Empty” feeling, along with the speed he needs to go to beat death in the race for love.

The media hooked on to this album, just like they would for any other released song or album. A song on this album called “Make Believe” has become one of the bigger hits. According to the play count by genius, this song doesn’t hit the 100,000 mark just yet, but this song is one that has been talked about. The song is a sequel to “Lucid Dreams” and “All Girls Are the Same” from Juice WRLD’s 2018 release Goodbye and Good Riddance. It talks about his ongoing fight with love and how he found someone he could love, but then realized she was going to break his heart no matter what. The chorus reads “She was gonna break my heart regardless.” In this song Juice WRLD realizes that no girls are good for him and all he needs to do is find himself, as opposed to finding girls or money or fame. “Make Believe” is a big hit on my list.

Longtime producer Nick Mira and Juice WRLD have been working together ever since Juice WRLD was a small market soundcloud rapper. He produced a few songs on Goodbye & Good Riddance,  such as “Lucid Dreams” and “All Girls Are the Same.” He’s back on this album, as he produced four songs and helped write beats and lyrics for just about every song.  The sound of these two collaborating is one that everyone should hear. There’s some sense of calmness in the beats but the lyrics are aggressive and meaningful. The rapper-producer duo of Nick Mira and Juice WRLD carries a lot of talent and potential, so the future for these two on the same tracks is going to be exciting to see.

This album has been #1 on Billboard’s top 200 album list since March 23, the album’s release date, earning the spot only a week and a half after the album was released This album is doing much better in a statistics sense than his last singles and albums, and Juice WRLD’s future in music isn’t even close to coming to an end.