Featured CPHS Artist

Clay Beverly


Tiffany Rosenbaum



Artistic Mediums:

Pens, acrylic paint, color pencil

Artistic Influences:

Tattoo Art

What kind of art do you make?

I really like making tattoo designs. But it’s kind of hard to describe what I draw. A lot of my drawings are religious. I also do a lot of still life. Like if I’m at the lake I’ll draw the water, or if I see a picture in a magazine or a newspaper I’ll try to recreate it, but I’ll also personalize the drawing and make it more about what I feel at the time.


What kinds of tattoos do you draw? How long does it usually take to design one?

Well, it depends. I usually just take requests from friends, so a lot of it is what they want. A lot of my tattoos have dragons or hearts, or crosses in them. I use religious symbols a lot. People usually want their names in tattoos too, like in a band around a heart, or underneath a picture, so I do a lot of lettering too. If I really like the design, I’ll spend hours working on it, and I’ll have it done in a day. But usually it takes around a week.


When did you first really start to make art?

I’ve been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. When I was little I used to watch my sister draw, and she’s like eight or nine years older than me, and ever since I started drawing I’ve been trying to live up to her. I’m as good as I am now because of watching her, so she was a pretty big influence.


How has your art adapted and changed since then?

Well, when I was little I mostly drew cartoons and stuff. Like, you know when you’re young you have coloring books and stuff like that. I used to try to copy those pictures. And now I try to draw things more true to life.


Are you enrolled in any art classes, currently?

I’m in Painting. It’s a pretty good class. Other than that, I don’t usually like taking art classes, because the teachers usually try to tell you what you can and can’t draw, and I feel like I can’t express myself. I think art should be more about what you feel, and not what a teacher tells you you should feel.


What do you do for fun? Does this effect your art?

I hang out with my friends, and I guess they’re a pretty big influence on me because I draw for them a lot. It gives me a chance to try something new, because they usually want a picture made in a specific way, and I have to work with what they want and also stay true to my style. So maybe somebody wants a tattoo with flames in it, and I’m not very good at drawing flames, so I force myself to get better.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years, I probably see myself having my own business. I want to open my own tattoo parlor. I’ve been coming up with an idea where I could combine a tattoo parlor with a massage place and a place where you could get your nails worked on. So I definitely see myself making the same kinds of art, except, you know, a lot better.