Fest of Fun

Miranda Campbell

Austin’s quirky festival located at Auditorium Shores called Fun Fun Fun fest is one that draws in a wide variety of music listeners. Each of the six stages offer a different sort of entertainment for the viewer to enjoy. This beloved independent festival will be held Nov.8-10.

The Orange stage is the most popular out of the six stages. Often referred to as “hipster central”, this stage is where your ears will be exposed to the sounds of independent artists and the headliners of the show. This years most well known act that is playing on the Orange stage would be MGMT who is playing Sunday evening.

Next most popular would be the Blue Stage, which features underground rap artists and older rap legacies. Interestingly enough, famous rapper Snoop Dogg, recently renamed Snoop Lion will be in attendance. Another big name performer playing on the Blue stage Friday Night is Lupe Fiasco.

Despite the bad reputation the Black stage has, its music isn’t all extreme metal and scary amounts of punk. If you’re in to the all black clothing and thick black eyeliner, you’ll fit right in at this stage. If not, still consider stopping by to see Indie/Punk crossover bands like Thee Oh Sees, Cloud Nothings, and August Burns Red.

Unlike any other festival, FFFF has a stage dedicated to big name comedians and other entertainments. The Yellow stage will be featuring the witty Sarah Silverman and Jack Black’s comedy rock group, Tenacious D. This dynamic stage also features a veggie hot dog eating contest, the taco cannon, and some others I can’t mention. Stop by to be entertained thoroughly.

Another unique trait of this festival is the Green “stage”. The term stage is used lightly here because it is actually a massive portable skate park where big name bikers and skaters come to entertain the masses. This year professional skaters like Mat Hoffman and Christian Hosoi will be there.

This is one of Austin’s gems when it comes to events. With tickets on sale until the festival actually ends, and something to see every minute of the day, there is no reason to not attend.