Fun Fun Fun was Fun

Miranda Campbell

Another Fun Fun Fun fest has come and gone, leaving attendees with the post festival blues. Despite the mishaps that occurred with certain performers, this year was a hit amongst the crowd. From the Taco Cannon, to the veggie hot dog eating contest, everyone was satisfied.

With all festivals, there are technical difficulties. For example, Lupe Fiasco left halfway through his show because he could no longer handle the sound cutting out on the Blue stage. Popular dreamy artist, Xxyyxx, experienced excessive technical difficulties during his set and caused a riot among the crowd.

Despite the faults of Fun Fun Fun fest this year, it was largely a success. The performance by indie band MGMT stole the show. Lead singer, Andrew VanWyngarden was amazing with his talented voice and interesting background on stage.

The creators of the festival are already working on next year’s FFF fest to ensure that it is just as rad as this year.