Go get some sun, son

Meital Abraham, Reporter

Going outside should be apart of our daily educational experience. Some of the benefits of going outside everyday are improved focus, a larger Vitamin D intake, the reduction of stress and the easing of depression according to Health Magazine.

Going outside improves focus because interaction with nature gives your brain a break from overstimulation, which will improve your attention. This is very beneficial during an average school day because students sit indoors for about seven hours.

People need Vitamin D for bone growth, cell growth and inflammation reduction according to the National Institutes of Health. The average person doesn’t get enough Vitamin D due to being cooped up all day inside.

Interacting with nature reduces stress because smell of many flowers has been proven by the University of Maryland’s Medical Center to decrease stress. With the amount of homework students receive and the amount of tests and quizzes they have to cram for, the reduction of stress is necessary.

The scent of certain plants can also ease depression. It’s been proven by Kyoto University that the scent of fresh pine can reduce depression and anxiety. Scientists are still unsure of why the scent of certain plants can improve our moods, but it’s evident that people’s spirits lift after spending time outdoors. Going outside for as little as 15 minutes a day won’t make much of a difference in the school’s schedule and will improve people’s focus during class. Teachers can take students out to the track or even to the courtyard for 15 minutes during DEN. There is no downside to going outside everyday for a short period of time.