Hold On: The Jonas Brothers are Back


Graphic by Callie Copeland

The Jonas Brothers released their new song, “Sucker,” on March 1. This is the band’s first song in six years.

Callie Copeland, Reporter

If you were born anywhere between 1998-2004, maybe even in the year 3000, you would recognize the names Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas. And if you’re anything like me, those three names bring back a lot of memories of Disney Channel shows, J-14 posters and a few questionable outfit choices.

The Jonas Brothers were a staple in a lot of Generation-Z kids’ lives, but those names have not come up in the last 10 or 12 years. I mean, no shame if you jam out to “Burnin’ Up” every now and then, I do the same, but new Jonas Brothers music? That was a thing of the past – until midnight March 1.

The build-up to the drop of their new single was seemingly out of thin air, with Us Weekly reporting on the reunion only a few days before the expected release date. However, the hype was well-deserved. I even had to check my calendar to make sure this wasn’t some sort of April Fools trick; that is how excited I was, along with millions of other 2000s kids.  

The new song, “Sucker,” features a few elements of classic Jonas Brothers songs, while maintaining a modern rhythm and vocals. The song also mixes the styles of Nick and Joe, the high pitched vocals and dance-pop beats of each solo artist.

My personal favorite aspect of the song is the fast-paced claps in the background of every bridge. It is a nice touch, and this element adds a lot of rhythm and bass and allows for you to really dance and enjoy the song, which is what I expected from my favorite brother trio.

The song, however, was not the only thing the Jonas Brothers blessed us with. The group also released a brand-new music video featuring their significant others: Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner. Throughout the lavish production, the women are showcased in a palace with fancy dinners, exquisite outfits and animals. The high-energy music video is not necessarily new for the Jonas Brothers, with former videos for “Burnin’ Up” and “Year 3000” warranting the same kind of excitement, but the production value and special guests helped to differentiate the new from the old in an electrifying way.

Overall, “Sucker” was a blast from the past as well as a look into the Jonas Brothers’ future. The group has been traveling around the world promoting the album and along the way, have discussed their upcoming studio album. Be on the lookout for new music; while the Jonas Brothers haven’t set a date for the album’s release, I would expect nothing less than a surprise drop.