How To Celebrate Being Single On Valentine’s Day

Molly McIllece

Valentine’s day can be depressing if you’re single; however, there are solutions for the lonely-hearted. Dwelling on the obvious can lead to being unhappy on an otherwise uplifting day. There are many positive outlooks and activities available for single people on February 14.

Pursue your passion.
 Whatever it is that you are passionate about in life (be it a particular hobby, travel, craft projects, charitable acts, etc.) use this day to make great strides by just doing that. This is also known as drowning yourself in productivity. As long as it’s something you are completely driven to succeed at, then you will still be having fun while accomplishing great things at the same time.

Cherish your friends.

Invite your single friends over and marvel over the fact that you don’t have to take time to impress anyone with your appearance. Your friends like you for you, not your new dress, heels, or lipstick that you’ll wear once. Laugh about all the memories you have made together and realize that this relationship will last longer than a couple of months. One awkward first date or boring hundredth date doesn’t measure up with spending time with really good friends.


Pamper yourself.

Spend Valentine’s Day doing exactly what YOU want to do. Having a day just for yourself is said to be therapeutic for some. Purchase that shirt that you were eyeing that was a little out of your price range. Get take-out from your favorite restaurant and treat yourself to a delicious meal (and have no guilt after finishing it). Do not answer your phone or door. Do nice things for yourself the entire day. Looking and feeling more refreshed will be the payoff for a day like this.

Acts of service.

Singles can spend Valentine’s Day in a meaningful way by spending time with the needy. Touching others’ lives can be more fulfilling than receiving gifts on Valentine’s Day. What better way to show your appreciation for others than to spend your time and money on others who truly are in need.  Lending a helping hand will make you realize how many blessings you really do have in your single life.