How to make a statement with a question: five ways to prom-pose

Creative crushes will use the two strongest motivators to ask their special date to Prom: food and originality.

Creative crushes will use the two strongest motivators to ask their special date to Prom: food and originality.

Lexi Rima, Reporter

There comes a time in many teenagers’ lives where the pivotal moment finally occurs and one has to make the crucial and life-changing decision: how am I going to prom-pose? With prom now less than a month away, it’s time for you lonely and love-struck students to find your courage, and either get really creative really fast or take these tips on how to invite your date to the big dance.

1. Appeal to their sporty side

Who doesn’t love a good plethora of puns? Use their favorite sport’s ball or balls as the canvas to ask them out. For example, on a volleyball player’s ball, “I really ‘DIG’ you and I’d love to ‘SET’ up a date for us to Prom.” Many drawings of hearts optional.

2. D-I-Y puzzle

Although you might not have heard of it before, it is entirely possible (and easy) to make (or buy) your own puzzle with a photograph. Take a picture of you holding up the sign asking them to prom, and then complete the puzzle with him. It’s original and cute, but don’t make it too challenging or time-consuming, because – who knows? — someone else might ask in the time it takes them to finish your extremely long puzzle.

3. Team invite

Do you have enough friends to have hold up multiple signs? Then you have a way to prom-pose! Getting your friends to hold up signs, each one with a word or two of the “Firstname Lastname, will you go to Prom with me?” is a cute way to demonstrate that you’re open about liking the person and that your friends approve.

2. Driveway drawings

All you need is some chalk and the ability to sneak over to their house for a completely innocent reason. At some point after they go to bed and before they wake up, write out “Prom?” and your name in brightly colored chalk on their front driveway. When they go outside in the morning, they’ll have something cute and unexpected to look at and ponder over.

1. Prom cookies

If your prospective date doesn’t like cookies, what are you doing trying to take them out anyways? Bake a donut-shaped cookie with the big question on it along with smaller circular cookies that will fit in the donut hole with available answers on them – they can select the answer-cookie and then eat them with you. It’s a win-win situation, unless they say “no,” in which case you can eat all the “yes” cookies, so it’s really still a win-win situation.