Keep calm, I have girl scout cookies

Paige Parks

It is the most wonderful time of the year- Girl Scout cookie season. That’s right folks, the treats that turn adults into kids and kids into screaming kids has returned yet again. The ever-so-popular cookies even inspired a popular vine. So, what about these cookies makes them so valuable? No one knows for certain what addictive qualities these cookies contain, but we do know that they come in a multitude of types.

Some of the most popular ones among Cedar Park students are as follows:

Samoas- Formerly known as Caramel deLites, this caramel treat has always been a top choice for consumers. With the appearance of a donut and the taste of a small coconut cake, it is certainly one of the sweetest options.

Thin Mints- These chocolate favorites are just as the name describes: thin mints. Best when saved in a freezer before eating, these cookies pair well with ice cream as a late night snack. For chocolate lovers, this is most certainly the best cookie choice.

Thanks-A-Lot- Shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate, these are the perfect sweets for a sugar cookie fan. Each cookie has the phrase ‘thank you’ written in a different language, sure to make the consumer more grateful with each bite.

Savannah Smiles- Relatively new, Savannah Smiles are a lemon-flavored pastry coated in powdered sugar. The tangy treats are bound to bring a smile to the face of all who eat them.