Letters from the Editors

Welcome to the first Wolfpack Weekly! This single-sheet layout will now contain the news stories, feature articles, thought-provoking columns, great pictures and graphics Cedar Park has come to associate with The Wolfpack student newspaper. The move to this new format comes as an answer to some financial pressure the paper has been feeling with ad sells being tough with the economy we are in, but have no fear, The Wolfpack staff is still poised to run a full Senior Issue come May, complete with the ever-popular senior superlatives and college lists. In the meantime, however, we will be experimenting with a weekly paper. This is an exciting opportunity and challenge for the writers, designers, photographers and leaders here at the The Wolfpack. Though this format was used back in the earlier days of Cedar Park journalism, no one in the current class has ever attempted an undertaking of this sort. We are both excited and anxious about this change but above all we are hopeful that this will be a positive change for both the students and staff on and off The Wolfpack.

The flexibility and quick turnover of a weekly paper is a wonderful asset and we look forward to utilizing that fact to the fullest. With this new format, The Wolfpack will be able to bring more recent news to the students and staff of CPHS along with some new weekly features. Keep an eye out for Weekly Releases: showcasing upcoming movies, albums and events in and around Cedar Park, as well as the Weekly Calendar, which will give a quick snapshot of all club and school activities in the coming week. A special On The Web feature will allow students and staff a quick glimpse into the top stories on cphswolfpack.com The Wolfpack website. See you next week!