March; The Craziness Starts Now

Garrett Wilson, Reporter

The chaos of March Madness and the craziness of college basketball is causing millions of Americans to predict their National Champion with the most popular bracket. Last year, the North Carolina Tar Heels won the title with a six point victory over the Gonzaga Bulldogs. In this year’s regular season, there have been zero teams that are undefeated and the only team that is close is the Villanova Wildcats with four losses this year.

As the conference championships start all this week, lets see which teams are to watch for and are highly likely for an upset in the NCAA tournament.

  1. Virginia Tech Hokies: This team is very electric and they have something to prove in the ACC Tournament that they are one of the elite teams in the country. This squad rallies off of Justin Robinson, the small forward that made second team All-ACC this season. In 18 conference games, Robinson has averaged 16 points, five assists, and two rebounds. The Hokies are bound to make the Sweet Sixteen this year.
  2. Kansas State Wildcats: The Wildcats are currently fourth in the high paced Big 12 conference. On its resume is impressive wins over Texas Tech and Oklahoma, but the entire country is sleeping on this under the radar team. Dean Wade, the flashy and shifty junior forward, has electrified this team to get a four seed in the Big 12 tournament this weekend.
  3. Syracuse Orange: They might be a bubble team but with Jim Boehiem at head coach, anything is possible with this team in March. Tyus Battle and Frank Howard are both forwards for this team have contributed greatly both averaging 20 points per game, but slight struggles in the stacked ACC conference have made this team a “last four in” team.


This season will be filled with upsets across the board in this years NCAA tournament because the number one seed has changed seven times this regular season. So, with this in mind, have fun filling out your bracket this year and enjoy March Madness.

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