Marissa Caputo Senior Columns

Marissa Caputo

     Throughout the four years I’ve spent at Cedar Park, I’d like to think that I’ve gone through enough nonsense to have some pretty useful advice to all you underclassmen.

     First of all, don’t take anything too seriously. NOTHING in high school is worth crying over. You may realize that your best friend since elementary school really isn’t so trustworthy, or that your beloved girlfriend of 6 months really isn’t so monogamous. But that’s okay. Learn the lesson you were meant to learn and move on. Before you freak out over any situation, ask yourself this question, “In five years, will I still care about this?” I’m betting that in most situations, you won’t. This is the place to have fun, and the further you distance yourself from “the drama,” the happier you’ll be.

     Don’t waste time trying to keep up with the trends. Just because Jessica Alba wears it doesn’t mean it’s cool. You may think you look cute today in your skinny jeans, flats, crossover bag, V-neck, leggings and thick-rimmed glasses, but two years from now you may wonder why you spent so much time trying to look “in” and so little trying to get an education.

     The minute you decide to start caring about what other people think of you, all hope is lost. Do what makes you happy. That may mean joining marching band because secretly, you get a kick out of walking in synchronization with others while playing the tuba. Or it could mean that you dedicate all of your afterschool hours practicing with your heavy metal band and dreaming about the world tour you’ll one day go on. All that matters is that you do what you enjoy.

     High school is not the place to fall in love. Yes, I do think it’s possible to love someone at such a relatively young age, but the truth of the matter is that we’re not always mature enough to handle the aftermath. When things go south and you’re left losing not only someone you care about, but also a major part of your life, all of the fun times, cute dates and even that first kiss seem less like fond memories and more like a slap in the face.

     High school is also not the place to slack off. Take it from me: procrastination is deadly. And while I hate to say this, grades are important in determining your options in college. English online is not a loophole for getting out of senior project. You’re not being clever by taking the class online; The hours and days and weeks and months you spend working on the online lessons will more than add up to the amount of time you thought you were avoiding.

     Teachers are not evil. You may not enjoy being in their class and, let’s be honest, they may not enjoy you either, but I really think that teachers obtain some of the most useful information you’ll ever need in life, whether or not it has anything to do with their subject.

     Treat others the way you want to be treated. I know, we’ve heard that since we were in Kindergarten, but it honestly is the most important thing you can do. Everyone you meet comes into your life for a reason, so take full advantage of that.

     But the most important thing to remember is that high school is ultimately what you make of it. These four years can either be a time of misery or the happiest ones of your life; the choice is yours.