Open up to the idea of an open campus


Meital Abraham, Reporter

CPHS students constantly complain about not being able to leave campus grounds during their lunch break. The reason Leander ISD schools have closed campus lunches is for safety purposes only.

However, if this school had an open campus lunch then there would be far more variety and it would be better financially.

Although education is a privilege rather than a right, it’s still required for people to attend school.

If we had an open campus then we would save money on the man who guards the entrances and exits to make sure no student leaves during lunch.

The Leander Independent School District student handbook states that the reason behind closed campuses is for safety purposes. These safety concerns are intruders, drugs being brought on campus, and accidents occurring off campus while the school has liability over students.

A possible and logical solution for this would be to have the parents of students sign a waiver stating their children have permission to leave campus grounds during the lunch break. The school will not be held responsible for any child that is harmed in any way during the time they are off the campus. If a student who has left during their break returns to class tardy three times, the priviledge to leave school will be revoked.

Also, any child that decides to leave campus must sign themselves back in while returning, this takes care of the intruder dilemma.

As far as drugs being brought on campus, that can happen anyway. Having an open campus doesn’t mean people who don’t do drugs at school are going to start simply because they’re allowed to leave campus for 30 minutes once a day.

In conclusion, Cedar Park High School having an open campus for lunch would benefit everyone in the long run.