“Pitch Perfect” is Aca-Awesome

Paige Parks

Many Cedar Park students have been flocking to theatres this week to see “Pitch Perfect”. The PG-13 film was released Oct. 5 and after much hype and positive remarks from fellow students, I decided to go view this supposed comedic wonder.

The main character Beca, played by Anna Kendrick, attends Barden University where her father is a professor, but dreams of going to Los Angeles and producing music. She joins The Barden Bellas, one of the four acapella groups on campus, because of a deal she makes with her father. In the Barden Bellas, Beca meets some interesting new friends- specifically the two returning members, Chloe, played by Brittany Snow, and Aubrey, played by Anna Camp. Aubrey, being the self-decided leader, decides to stick with the traditional songs of the Bellas. As they get deeper into the competition the Bellas realize that they will not win using the traditional songs, and Beca decides to change things up in order to have at chance at winning.

Just as I predicted, I absolutely loved this movie. The eclectic group of Barden Bellas had me laughing throughout the film. “Fat Amy”, played by Rebel Wilson, was not a main character but she might as well have been. She was the highlight of the movie, with her ever-present level of confidence and continuous sarcastic one-liners. All the Bellas, however, had a special personality trait that made them each a subject of comedy.

If the characters and humor were the high points of the movie, the plot was definitely the low point. As with many movies recently, the plot was ultimately extremely predictable. This is ironic because in the film, the main character Beca criticizes movies for being too cliché and predictable.However, the lack of an original plot did not take away much from the overall quality of the movie.

I especially recommend this movie to those who enjoyed “Bridesmaids” or “21 Jumpstreet.” This movie has similar humor and is guaranteed to make you laugh.