Polar vortex approaches Cedar Park


Lauren Kriss

The Weather Channel iPhone app released a “special weather statement,” regarding the upcoming cold front.

Lauren Kriss, Editor-In-Chief

Is it the second coming of the ice-pacolypse? According to The Weather Channel, we’re due for the season’s first freeze this week.

While it’s unlikely that Cedar Park itself will freeze, other areas in Leander ISD may face dangerous weather conditions. If this happens, Cedar Park will ultimately reap the benefits of any delays or cancellations of school.

Personally, I’m hoping for a delay so it doesn’t use a bad weather day but I still get to sleep in and enjoy a cuppa joe in the a.m. I love the shortened schedule and resulting turbo classes. We can finally forget about the starter!!! And you just know lecture will be cut short and your test will be delayed. Ugh, a girl can dream.

There is also a possibility of school being flat out cancelled. As long as you don’t have a grave of homework to dig yourself out of (like me), a day off presents a multitude of fun possibilities. Depending on road conditions, there’s a late breakfast option. Or, if you insist on not going out, go for the Netflix binge or movie day with friends.

Be thinking about fun ice day plans while you check the school website religiously for updates on school start times.

Remember, we’ve earned this.