Republicans play the Trump card

Why a narcissistic, misogynist, supremacist captured 57% approval from Republican voters according to the Washington Post

Jake Herrick, Reporter

Donald Trump, entrepreneur, supreme captain of Miss USA and worth over 4 billion dollars is responsible for the failure of the US democratic process. Now he has a skyrocketing approval rating among his republican compatriots despite his various policies. This might be entirely shocking to you, and it may make you want to curl up on the floor and cry yourself to sleep while scraping at the last scoops of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy ice cream, but don’t.

Here’s why: one, you’re in a bathroom, and two, America hasn’t failed you yet. This poll by no means guarantees him the presidential nomination, or even a bid. Because, while promoting republican ideals to the near extreme, he quite obviously offended key demographics. Trumps goal to “Make America Great Again” is to limit the Hispanic population along with immigrants. Trump, if you can recall, accused Mexican immigrants of being “Mexico’s worst,” further deepening the hole he had dug himself by calling migrants rapists and drug dealers. As you can logically assume, his net favorability rating from Latino voters is down 51%, for an overall rating of 14%. More so, Latin Americans make up large portions of swing states, such as Florida and California.

The military, another key demographic at the polls, dropped severely when Trump said that John McCain is “not a war hero,” because “[he] prefer[s]… [His] soldiers to not get captured.” Now if you are unaware, McCain was a POW during the Vietnamese war, suffering from torture and starvation during his internment. Not only did Trump blatantly disrespect a key figure of the Republican Party, he also lost favor among service members, specifically Vietnam veterans, who compose the single most important participatory unity in politics: the elderly. So the big-mouthed glutton has met with the double edged sword of bigotry corralling the early political savvy cultural supremacist, but severing any bilateral work with key voters.