Senior ID Pictures

Bianca Jimenez

As I sit down on the stool with my legs crossed, back straight I hear “No silly pictures, smile’s only,” from the Photo Texas photographer.

Hold on.

You mean to say I can’t take a silly picture?

Senior year is the year every one in high school looks forward too, especially the tradition of taking the silliest picture you can for your ID photo.Sadly this tradition has come to an end. The Cedar Park High School class of 2014 will not be taking silly pictures.

This was always an option for seniors because their yearbook pictures were cap and gown photos not the ones you see on your ID. As an underclassman for the past three years I looked forward to this privilege.

I see why they took the silly ID pictures away; it does make sense. I mean put yourself in their shoes, it’s kind of a hassle to get every senior in to take a silly picture for their ID. It’s probably already stressful for them to make sure all the students get their photos taken as well. Although these thoughts make sense, it’s still unfair to take away our silly pictures.

No matter how old you are you always look forward to those “special” privileges. I, for one, am disappointed that my silly face didn’t make the cut.