Streaming in: New YouTube Stars

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter

In the past couple of years, YouTube has introduced a new career occupation: YouTubers. YouTubers are paid by YouTube. According to the Celebrity Network website, YouTubers are getting paid millions of dollars, right from their bedroom.

“It’s a new form of entertainment,” sophomore Avery Daniel said. “It is on the internet anytime I want to watch, and it’s free. Also, I can choose who I want to watch and I can personalize my own YouTube to my liking.”

The highest paid YouTuber is Pewdiepie, who personally gets paid over $7 million dollars and has over 5.4 billion views. Not only is he the highest paid YouTuber, he is also the most viewed and the most subscribed YouTuber as he has over 30 million subscribers. According to several avid Pewdiepie fans interviewed, they love him because of his sense of humor and his way of playing video games.

“I love Pewdiepie,” freshman Megan Krish said. “His sense of humor relates very similarly to mine and I think that is why I like him so much.”

Another YouTuber known at Cedar Park is Miranda Sings. Miranda Sings is a made-up internet character made by Colleen Ballinger in 2008. Ballinger created the persona of Miranda Sings to be a untalented & quirky character with multiple boyfriends such as YouTubers Tyler Oakley and Ricky Dillon.

“Miranda Sings is one of my favorite YouTubers because of her personality, she is never fake,” Daniel said. “I can actually do a killer Miranda impression.”

Comedians are not the only YouTubers that are available to watch, another popular form of entertainment is lifestyle like JacksGap. JacksGap is a YouTube channel created by two twin brothers who explore the world and take videos about their adventures.

“JacksGap is my favorite YouTube channel because their adventures and videos inspire to do some good in this world,” sophomore Rene Tsujii said.

Beauty Gurus are also a prominent division of YouTube. Beauty Guru Bethany Mota is popular with over 7 million subscribers and her own fashion line with aeropostale. She was also recently on Dancing With The Stars.  Bethany is not the only one signing contracts and following her dreams as several YouTubers have been offered to write books, have their own makeup line and other business ventures.

Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Awards also has added a category just for internet famous celebrities. This years web and vine winners include, Bethany Mota, Our2ndlife, Shawn Mendes, Zoe Sugg, Troye Sivan, Cameron Dallas, Tyler Oakley and Pewdiepie.

“I can really get to know the person behind the camera and see their real personality,” Daniel said. “I think that is why YouTube is as popular as it is.”