Sweet deals to eat

Chris Collins

After the final bell rings many people leave school and go to local restaurants. However, with high gas prices, many are on a tight budget for food. Here are some of the best ‘bang for your buck’ value menus along Cypress Creek.

Sonic- Sonic has happy hour from 2 to 4 pm and if you leave right after school, you may be able to indulge in the half-price drinks. The happy hour special includes all drinks other than coffee and ice cream. Sonic also has one dollar snacks, such as small tots or small fries.

McDonalds- The McDonalds value menu is fairly well known. The dollar menu includes fries, hamburgers, drinks, two pies and many more food items, all for the low price of one dollar. The food may be smaller on the dollar menu, but if you order four or five items from the dollar menu, you may just have yourself a full meal for a lower price than if you order one of the combo meals.

Whataburger- Much of the food on the Whataburger menu is not very cheap, but if you look hard on the menu, you may be able to find a few items under a dollar or a little bit above a dollar. For under a dollar you can get a hot apple pie, a cookie, fruit chews, and a biscuit. For a little over a dollar you can get small fries, a side salad, a small drink, or a single chicken strip.

So for those on a budget and looking for a nice treat to eat, consider going to one of these local restaurants. Or combine the value menu deals from all of these restaurants and get a large meal for a cheap price.