SXSW makes for a spring break well spent

Paige Parks

If you checked your social media networks at all this spring break, you would have realized that South by Southwest, the world famous music festival known for bringing talented bands to the stages of downtown Austin, occurred just in time for many Cedar Park students to spend countless hours sampling the live music. The festival reels in a ton of travelers from across the nation, as well as many celebrities. The SXSW music festivities began on March 12 and lasted for five days. A number of artists made appearances including the Flaming Lips, Justin Timberlake, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Cold War Kids and Third Eye Blind.

Downtown Austin was bustling with live music, and, as some may not have known, not all shows costed an arm and a leg to get into. There were many free venues this year, which is great for many of the young people attending. Though, at night many venues rendered themselves strictly “21 and over”, the daytime shows were free and accessible. The most entertaining and cost effective stage of the festival was the ‘Doritos Boldstage.’ The stage, which took the shape of a Doritos vending machine, was a free venue for all ages that had many talented groups performing all week long. The venue also included a station to charge your phone, which comes in handy after hours of tweeting about your adventures.

Just like the music, the weather did not disappoint. The sun was shining down some summer-like heat towards the end of the week, which made spring break even more of mirage. An added bonus to the weather, music, and experience of being downtown was the food. Food trailers and stands were packed onto street corners and vendors were everywhere. Promoters, along with vendors, were also along the streets handing out free products, particularly Monster energy drinks.

If you were courageous enough to brave the long walks and busy downtown area this past week, you know it was well worth it. The music and food were exemplary, and the whole festival had an easygoing sense to it. SXSW was a great way to spend your break, get your mind off school, usher in spring and prepare for scorching temperatures.