TEDxYouth@Austin circles back to Westlake once again

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter

TEDxYouth@Austin is a widely known organization, and while independent, it is a branch of the more globally known organization, TED. The difference? TEDxYouth@Austin is geared towards, and created by the students of Austin, while being open for all high schoolers to apply.

The organization was created by a group of people, working towards bringing the concepts of technology, bettering the world, and science to the youth of Austin in an distinct way.

This will be the fourth year the event will happen, each time it’s bigger and better then the last, according to their website. Each event is embodied by a theme. Past years themes include: Limitless, Re:Solve and (In)visible. They released this year’s theme through their multiple social media platforms announcing that this year it would be: Full Circle.

The concept circulated during one of the first meetings after the (In)visible, event last Feb. The idea of Full Circle will be displayed throughout the hall, influence what type of speakers will dawn the stages and the different activities that one could do.

Full Circle is based off the idea that everything in life will always come “Full Circle” or in other words, it will always come back to where you started or that one event that happened in your life that influences what has/or is happening in your life today.

The event will take place at the Performing Arts Center at Westlake High School on Feb. 13, however, one must register before they are accepted and are then allowed to get into the event. Registration deadline is on Dec. 31 and one can apply at http://tedxya.wpengine.com/. There will be a series of questions student need to answers thoughtfully.

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