Top 10 Perfect Movies for Valentine’s Day

List of Romantic Movies to Add to your Watchlist


Kaiya Wilkinson

Valentines Day is just around the corner, so here is a list of 10 movies to entertain you this freezing Feb. 14.

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter

Valentine’s day is just around the corner which means some people are either getting excited about a date with a loved one… or stocking up the freezer for an ice cream binge. Either way, you will all probably be stuck inside considering the freezing temperatures. Regardless of your plans, here is a list of 10 romantic movies that you should add to your watch list this upcoming singles awareness day.

1. “Hitch”

This is probably my number one recommendation for a Valentine’s day movie. “Hitch” is about a man who makes a living helping guys attract the girls of their dreams. But what will happen when the man himself finds that he has fallen in love? Filled with hilarious scenes, not to mention Will Smith, this movie is definitely one of the best rom coms out there.

2. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

This is about a guy who makes a bet to keep a girlfriend for 10 days and a girl who needs to write an article on purposely getting dumped in ten days. What could go wrong? This is a laugh-out-loud rom com with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson.

3. “Leap Year”

“Leap year” tells of a tradition in Ireland where a girl may propose to a guy on a certain day every four years, February 29th. The main girl is tired of waiting for her man to propose, so she takes matters into her own hands and sets off for the land of the Irish where her boyfriend is on a business trip. Though she plans to just take a straight flight there, the universe has other plans. After an emergency landing, she is forced to ask a cute Irish man to help her get all the way to Dublin. I wonder what happens next?

4. ”The Princess Bride”

It wouldn’t be a valentines movie list without this beloved classic. It’s the typical story where the guy saves the girl and they both fall in love, however it is filled with so much more. From sword fights to a battle of wits, and from vengeance to romance, this movie has it all.

5. “A Walk to Remember”

If you’re looking for a movie with real emotion that might make you shed some tears, then look no further. The first time I watched this movie, I cried all the way through the last ten minutes. Two high school kids, with very different backgrounds end up falling in love. But will they be able to survive the challenges that the world throws at them, especially when the girl reveals that she has cancer?

6. “Tangled”

What would a romantic movie list be without a good old fashioned Disney Movie. This movie is by far my favorite Disney movie ever. Whether it be the fun music, the funny characters, or the oh so cute love story of Rapunzel and Eugene, Disney somehow managed to get everything right. I’ll admit, I have watched this movie way too many times to count.

7. “Knight and Day”

For those of you that have had enough of the cheesy lines and predictable plots, this movie is not only about love, but is also action packed and full of adventure. When a woman played by Cameron Diaz ends up on a flight that she wasn’t supposed to be on, she somehow finds herself mixed up with a runaway spy played by Tom Cruise. “Knight and Day” is full of action and plot twists, and is good for those who prefer a good spy story full of car chases, gun fights, lots of humor and a little romance over a cheesy rom com.

8. “Pride and Prejudice”

If you are a fan of a true classic and also love rom coms, then watch this british romance from the 1800s. This movie is filled with witty characters, tons of emotions, and great romance. Though some can find it hard to connect with the Victorian era speech and lifestyle, I promise this movie is worth the watch.

9. “You’ve Got Mail”

This movie is a modern take on an old movie called “Shop Around the Corner”. In both cases, two people fall in love through the written word, or in this case, email. However they only know each other by their usernames. What they don’t know is that in real life, they hate each other. As identities are revealed, they must make the decision to overlook their preconceptions, or to miss out on the chance of having true love. 

10. Any Hallmark Movie Ever

If you are down to watch an incredibly cheesy movie with a predictable plot and warm fuzzies, then the Hallmark Channel is definitely for you. Most movies follow the typical plot of a girl from the big city who goes to a small town and falls in love with a guy and they live happily ever after. Despite the clone-like scripts of these movies, I still find myself coming back for more. If none of the previous movie suggestions seem to fit your taste, a good way to go is to turn on the TV to the Hallmark Channel.