An Un-Bearably Delicious Treat

Review of The Baked Bear in Georgetown


Kaiya Wilkinson

At the Georgetown shop “The Baked Bear,” you are able to custom build your own ice cream sandwich. The price is around $6, depending on what you choose.

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter

Even though temperatures are dropping and sweater weather is right around the corner, a fun place to go for a weekend outing is a custom ice cream sandwich place known as The Baked Bear. Though located in Georgetown, the 30 minute drive is worth this sweet treat. 

The Baked Bear is nestled in a small street in cute little downtown Georgetown. If you have ever watched a Hallmark movie, this town could be a set for one of those cheesy chick-flick movies. When going to The Baked Bear, I will say that parking is a bit hard because of how few spaces there are, but it is not terrible to park a little far away and walk. 

When I went inside, I was immediately greeted by an employee who was all ready to take my order. The procedure for building your custom ice cream sandwich is as follows:

Step One:  choose your top and bottom

Step Two:  choose your ice cream

Step Three:  choose your topping. 

First I picked the base of the ice cream sandwich. They have a variety of options including the standard chocolate chip cookie and sugar cookie, and some more unusual ones, such as sea salt peanut butter and gooey butter cake. You can find a list of all cookie types on their website. If you’re not into the whole cookie thing, then you can get a brownie for the base as well. After the base is picked, then the top is next. You can get the same as the base or you can mix and match and get something completely different. I ended up going with a chocolate chip cookie on the top and a brownie on the bottom.

After the top and bottom are chosen, next comes the ice cream. The ice cream flavors range from your classic vanilla or cookies and cream all the way down to s’mores or even some fun seasonal flavors. You can find a list of their most common flavors here. The ice cream flavor I chose was a chocolate brownie swirl ice cream, which sounded super good. To finish it off, you have the option of your ice cream sandwich being rolled in a topping of your choice. For me, I chose Oreos because that is one way to make something delicious, even better.

So now I was all set with a top, middle and bottom, and I was ready to go. Before paying, the employee asked me if I would like it warmed. Now, when I heard this I was a bit confused because ice cream and heat don’t really mix, however I said yes anyways. It turns out The Baked Bear has this machine that can warm the top and bottom cookie or brownie, while not even melting the ice cream. Cool, right? The total for the ice cream sandwich came out to be just over $6, which is pretty good considering it is a decent sized treat.

The Baked Bear doesn’t currently allow indoor seating due to the pandemic, however they do have a few outdoor tables. As I sat at one of those and took a bite of my ice cream sandwich, my first thought was “Oh my goodness this is so good!” And it was, right down to the very last bite. The warm cookie mixed with the amazing ice cream turned out to be a match made in heaven.

The Baked Bear isn’t the only good sweet treat place in Georgetown. If you want to try other ice cream type treats, another good place to check out would be The Yard. While it may be a bit pricey, their milkshakes are insanely cool. If it is too cold for ice cream or maybe you are just in the mood for something else, another fantastic option is Crumbl Cookies. This shop has new flavors every week of delicious cookies, my favorites being the Andes Mint and the Churro cookie.

Overall, I’d say the trip to The Baked Bear was definitely worth it. The ice cream sandwich was beyond delicious and the experience was very fun. If you ever are looking for something to do on a weekend or maybe you just really want ice cream, then I’d definitely suggest going to The Baked Bear.