Birdy releases junior album

Collyn Burke, Reporter

In a collection of 14 songs, the young Jasmine “Birdy” van den Bogaerde, combines a mixture of sad, soulful melodies with catchy tunes that blend to make a truly moving junior album. Her third official studio album, Birdy creates a completely unique sound.

The album, released March 25 by Atlantic records UK, tells the tragic story of the end of a relationship, describing the desire to hold on to one another, but the knowledge that they shouldn’t through songs like “Growing Pains,” “Shadow,” and the title song, “Beautiful Lies.” Keeping with her sad song stereotype, Birdy meets the mark once again.

Birdy manages to stick to her soulful vibrato as she transitions from pretty covers to an indie, folk like unique sound of her own. The ballads evoke a catchy, love strewn tune, carrying an eloquent story of love, loss and finding one’s self. From the aching, heart wrenching “Deep End” to the triumphant “Wild Horses,” Birdy takes her listeners through the doubts of love and one’s self.

Unlike many of the albums that 2016 has produced thus far, Birdy’s offers a slowed down, thoughtful tune, influenced by folk, indie and 90’s alternative all combined into one beautiful, tear jerking album.

Rate: 4 out of 5 stars